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Our Crew

Meet Our Crew

We have a crew of experienced, professional, accredited captains and crew members who have handled every possible situation, and are committed to providing a safe and reliable experience to our clients.


Captain Tommy Kron
Portland and Kalama Area

Captain Kron is a retired Boatswain's mate from the U.S Coast Guard and currently is an Instructor for the National Association of State Boating Law administrators.  He operates in Portland and in the Kalama area for Anchorage Launch.

Captain George Ott
Portland Area

Captain Ott is Former Able seaman with Chevron and worked as a cruise ship Captain for years. He has been with us since 2001.  He operates in Portland for Anchorage Launch.

Captain Peter "Spud" Siegel
All Anchorage Launch Ports

Working in all ports for Anchorage Launch, Captain Siegel worked at Commercial Fishing off the Coast of Oregon, Washington and Alaska, and drove fishing charter vessels across the Columbia River bar.
He's been with Anchorage Launch since 2008.

Captain Justin Simonson
Kalama Port

Captain Simonson has lived and worked all his life on the water ways of the Pacific northwest. He currently works out of the Port Of Kalama specializing in line boat and cargo operations.

Captain Mike Campbell

A retired Astoria fire fighter and fire boat captain, Captain Campbell spent 5 years as a charter boat captain going across the Columbia river bar, and also spent 7 years in the Coast Guard. Captain Campbell has been with Anchorage Launch since 1993.

Captain Peter Pereira
Astoria and Kalama Ports

A private yacht captain for 20 years, Captain Pereira ran all over the world on the seven seas for many well to do people, captaining  all kinds of yachts from 80 to 150 feet long.  He works mostly in Astoria and the Kalama Area.

Captain Kerry Duke
Relief Captain in Longview/Kalama

Captain Kerry Duke has been with Anchorage Launch since 2008.

Captain Neal Stenlund
Captain in Portland on the Triumph IV

Captain Neal Stenlund our newest operator operating in Portland on the Triumph IV.